Saturday, September 8, 2007

Week 9 Thing 20, 21, 22, 23.

#20 I started viewing YouTube and the list of videos being watched right now. It was fun looking at the old Captain Crunch commercials and the Tootsie Roll commercial.
I enjoyed watching the Library Dominoes video. I was unable to view the 60s music
videos because you can't view because of use violations.

#21 It is interesting to know that podcast are done automatically through RSS and
used over the internet. I listened to a going live broadcast from Podcast, the show is Good Beer Show #127 "Beer Mecca" and laughed at the beer song. I
enjoyed listening to The Denver Public Library stories for kids -"Mary had a
little lamb."

I wanted to record a podcast but, I didn't have a microphone and a MP3 player.
Almost forgot - The information on Odeo Studio is great. I didn't have a microphone to record on the record new audio.

#22 I did the tour for Overdrive Digital Media for downloading of overdrive audiobooks and the tour for Introduction to Netlibrary.

Project Gutenberg - I read the top 100 E-books from yesterday. I looked at titles
available on downloable audio books. Some of the e-books for free had a format
to use MP3 for audio books.

#23 My favorite discovery exercises are: using the on-line generator in thing 10,11.
Making my own Ben & Jerry ice cream and the chalkboard message. Podcast - listening
to a live broadcast of the beer song (thing #21). Thing #20 Youtube - watching old
tv commercials, Captain Crunch, etc. I enjoyed the Library Thing cataloging my
favorite books.
I loved exploring the Web 2.0 Awards List.
Yep Baltimore is interesting, especially looking at Baltimore's entertainment and
restaurants listings.

I liked the downloadable audio books section. It is good to know the different
sites to use to download audio e-books. Overdrive, Netlibrary and Project Gutenburg
are good reference tools to use.

My lifelong learning goals are to keep abreast of what is new in technology for
the future of libraries. The 23 Things informed me of what other library systems are
doing to keep up with technology and blogging is new to BCPL and other library systems.

If you are going to offer the 23 Things in the future, please do not offer
in the summer months. Staff are on vacations, job assignments and training are
being done and last but not least the Summer Reading Programming is very busy time
for staff.

If you offer another discovery program (not in the summer)I would be interested
in participating.

The program is a good learning tool. It is time consuming and should be
done in the winter months when the library is not as busy. Each person learns at
a different pace, I needed more time than a half an hour or one hour. I spent
maybe two hours on each group of things section depending on the reading, tours,
exercises, etc. Some of the tour sites didnot work at the time I used them and
the blogger was down a couple of times. Overall - I enjoyed the 23 things program.
It is a long and involved program.

Week 8 Thing 18-19

#18 I created an account and did an online word processing document.
The document is titled Zoho writer testing document. I created a browneyes wiki
document. I viewed a few of the Zoho Writer templates.

It's amazing you can create a document (a public document) and it has all the
features of a microsoft document and you can save it and move it any place you
want to place too.

#19 I explored Seomoz games Arcaplay. The game I played was Luck Balls. I tried to add this game to my blog, it would not add it.

I explored the Web 2.0 awards list. I liked the Yelp website. I was able to look at
the Yelp Baltimore site. I wanted information about vegetarian restaurants in
Baltimore. I found out their are four restaurants. The Zodiac located at 1726 N.
Charles Street. Homicide filmed an episode at this restaurant. The other three
restaurants are: Foodtopia, Frenk's and Liquid Earth.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Week 7: Wilkis - Thing 16, 17

I browsed St. Joseph County Public Library's Subjects Guides. I clicked on Wedding celebrations. The information was very informative about books on how to plan a wedding,
honeymoon travel destinations, music for a wedding, Brides magazine and dvds. I especially
liked clicking on the title of a book or music cds for planning a wedding and I was taken to the
SJCPL catalog where I could look at what libraries own the materials and other websites.

I viewed Wilkis and wrote about my favorite tv shows and linked to my personal blog and
I added an entry to the 2.0 Sandbox.

I got lost inWilkis and took a tour in another systems Wilkis sandbox because I was having
problems with Baltimore County's site.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Week 6: Tagging, Folksonomies, etc. Thing 13,14,15

# 13 I did the keyword search for "Learning 2.0" in Blog posts, tags, Blog Directory.
The results are different. In Blog posts the results were someone's comments about
tagging, someone talking about their experience "Speaking & Driving" to a conference and
2 cents worth information site. - I enjoyed the hotlist and Tips for Life section.

#14 Tagging, Folksonomies & Technorati information is interesting.
I thought the information about the top favorite blogs, 15 top searches
and 100 top blogs was interesting. Top searches were Youtube, Ron Paul and Noelia.

I also viewed Engadget (tag) and read an article I phone 1.02 updates.
One of the top favorites blog is "Make money online" - Problogger.

#15 I read a perspective on Web 2.0 "To more powerful ways to Cooperate."
Libraries will continue to improve and expand with new technology for
years to come.

The future of technology will continue to grow with the use of Web 2.0 for OCLC with
intergrating collections of various libraries and services to consumer web space. In
the Spring of next year OCLC will release a search box allowing anyone with a web browser
to search Worldcat and allow non-cataloging library professionals, patrons and others to
contribute to and use Worldcat. Services in the future will include tagging, personal
cataloging, creating and sharing list, citation management and open URL resolver
information available to anyone. Web 2.0 is here to stay!

Participation in the 23 things is preparing librarians for the future of technology changes
that will occur by using Web 2.0 and viewing all the websites that are available in
Web on-line technology world.

Perpective #2: I read "Into a New World of Librarianship."
This article is not a new idea or concept. Librarians will always help users find information
by using print, non-print, internet and other resources.

In the past and the future, librarians will continue to plan services, collections, outreach,
and technology to meet the needs of the customers and the community.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Week 5: Play Week: Thing 10,11,12

I am playing around with the online image generator. The first online image generator
I had played with was the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream builder making my own ice cream
and giving my special ice cream a name. I also played with the chalkboard generator and
wrote a message - Thank God you're going back to school. The message
is written in Spanish and English.

I got carried away and played a lot of what the online image generator offered.

I took the tour, opened an account with the Library Thing and cataloged five of my favorite
This task I enjoyed doing and looking at people who shared my interest in a particular

I viewed the MoBuzz TV Review. It was to busy for me! It was hard listening to the three
men at the round table talking, viewing the movie in the background and music playing at
the same time. I didn't spend a lot time looking at this web site.

I quickly viewed Rollyo. The searches I did were Quick Quotes "Two wrongs don't make a right" received 509 matches, site showing 20. Public Domain E-book search, Rare Books and
free photos looking at flowers.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Week 4: RSS & Newsreaders Thing 8&9

I read the information about Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and set up
my own account with Bloglines newsreader account.

After opening an Bloglines account I read several articles in Feeds section of the blog.
"Gov't editing Wikipedia entries, "Microsoft" and top links for the past 24 hours - CNN
News Reports.

I'm having fun and exploring MERLIN and other blogs.

After setting up so many blog accounts, you have to write down all the accounts, login names and passwords.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Week 3 Photos & Images (Flickr) Thing #5, 6, & 7

I took the Flickr tour, will be adding photos of my children to my blog.
Viewed photos on Flickr Calendar for the month of July 2007 and open
an Flickr account.

I read a article titled "Google? A Monopoly?" in the July 27, 2007 PC Magazine. Google definitely dominates searches period. The Google company
handles 64 percent of all web based searches. Google queries is 58 percent
a year. They are not a monopoly because 36 percent can be fought over by
competitors. Google is moving forward with ad-serving space. This is a large
portion of the Web's unsold inventory of display ads. Google paid $3.1 billion
for DoubleClick the Web's unsold inventory display ads. Guest who is
complaining - Microsoft & AT&T about antitrust laws, but the Department
of Justice is not hearing this nonsense at the moment.

This is an interesting article. If you get a chance, please read it.